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Child Therapy

Are you concerned about how your child is doing at home, school, or elsewhere? You’ve likely tried everything you can think of to help your child, but you continue to struggle meeting your child's needs. You’ve come to the right place. We understand, and we are here to help. At Freedman Counseling Associates, we hope to ease your mind and provide the necessary support for your child and your family.

We can help:

  • Your child feel better about themself

  • Reduce your child’s worry and teach them how to be in charge of their thoughts

  • Give you, as parents, helpful tools to use at home

  • Work together as a family by considering new approaches to ongoing challenges

  • Coordinate communication with pediatricians, school staff, and other professionals

Our Approach

We use developmentally appropriate techniques to tackle both common and complicated challenges such as ADHD, anxiety, depression, behavioral issues, family stress, traumatic experiences, divorce, remarriage, and much more.


We will help you by clarifying what the problem is and by helping you consider alternatives for addressing and improving the situation.


Our therapists like to have fun. We will be creative, playful, and positive in the room with you. The large majority of children enjoy participating in therapy. The therapists at Freedman Counseling Associates use a flexible, positive approach that allows us to customize treatment to your family’s style and specific needs.

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