Practice Update, Summer, 2022

Dear Clients, Colleagues and Friends,

Due to the challenges associated with the global pandemic, our practice continues to offer services virtually. 


Our experience with telehealth technology has been very positive. We have found that remote sessions are an effective way to provide our services, and, surprisingly, in some cases young people actually share more openly from a distance than they do in person. Parenting consultations, family therapy sessions, and individual sessions for adults are also, as always, available.


I am pleased to announce that Helson Meirino, LCSW, has joined our practice and is available to schedule appointments for new clients.  You can learn more about Helson here.

Our practice is available for day and evening appointments, and we are able to schedule flexibly to accommodate the needs of our clients and families. You are welcome to contact us to schedule an appointment at any time.

Warm regards to all of you,

Al Freedman, Ph.D. 
Shari Dowlin, LCSW, Alex Johnson, ATR-BC, LPC,

& Helson Meirino, LCSW
Freedman Counseling Associates
Phone: 610-431-4990